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Using Moss in Your Landscape


Moss, most of us have it somewhere in the landscape. Many may even consider it a nuisance. However, before you try to get rid of the landscape of moss, why not take another look at its potential instead.

Moss has been around for eons. There are thousands of moss varieties all over the world. Moss can be found in numerous shades of green or even grey, which can actually be used as an asset in the landscape. In fact, it’s a popular feature in many garden styles, such as Japanese and rock gardening. Moss will happily grow where many other plants will not, like shade. But it can also be found growing on trees, logs, rocks, and even concrete. How is this possible? Moss doesn’t have any roots. Instead, it has tiny ducts that absorb moisture. When there’s no moisture, moss simply goes dormant, waiting until the moisture is restored. So other than occasional watering of the site, moss is basically maintenance free and unaffected by pests or diseases.

Patches of live moss are the best material for starting moss in the landscape. Since moss will grow nearly anywhere and in any soil type (provided the pH is 5.0-6.0), they’re relatively easy to transplant from one part of the landscape to another. Often you can find pieces of moss already growing on your property and transfer them to your chosen site. Take a stroll around your landscape to see what types of moss grow in your area and get a feel for their natural habitat. However, don’t collect them from someone else’s property without their explicit consent and never collect moss from the wild. Unless you’re lucky enough to already have some growing on your property, you’ll most likely have better results by finding and choosing moss that is suitable to your region and site’s conditions, which can be obtained by reputable moss suppliers. Most moss varieties prefer shady areas while others enjoy basking in the sun. You should also take into account its favorable growing surface such as trees, rocks, soil, etc. This might require a little research, but there are many moss resources available and it’s well worth the extra effort.

Spring or fall is the best time for planting your moss, especially after a good rain. Prepare the site by first doing some junk removal or removing any debris and raking the area smooth. Water it thoroughly and then place the moss, in patches, into the designated areas, pressing down firmly. You can also moisten the bottoms of the moss as well. There’s no need to keep them close together. Once it has taken hold, the moss will readily spread into one another, filling in any empty gaps. To help the pieces of moss stay in place, simply secure them in place with small twigs. Be sure to keep the area damp, but do not over water. The moss patches should begin to establish themselves within a month or so. Moss can also be propagated by spores. Putting moss in a blender with water or buttermilk for a minute or two and then pouring it onto a prepared surface, will also create healthy moss plants in about five weeks.

Moss makes an excellent alternative groundcover for shady lawn areas, pathways between paving stones, and anywhere grass or other plants are difficult to grow. Adding moss to the landscape is a great way to enhance its overall appearance. Once established, moss can add an amazing carpet of color and year-round interest to the landscape.

How to Repair a Hole in a Wall


Materials you will need :

  • Appropriately sized wall patch plate
  • Putty
  • Plastic scraper
  • Sanding block

Step 1

Use a damp (but not wet) cloth and clean the area. Wait until it is completely dry. Peel the backing off of the wall plate. Center the middle of the plate, over the middle of the hole, and gently place the plate over the hole, gently smoothing the adhesive netting.

Step 2

Use your scraper to remove a moderate amount of putty. Gently spread the putty over the whole wall patch plate starting from the outside, and working your way toward the center. Cover the whole area with a smooth even layer, and use your scraper to taper the edges to be even with the wall. Allow to dry, which can take several hours, sometimes as long as 24 hours.

Step 3

When the area is completely dry, begin sanding gently in a circular motion, until the entire puttied area is smooth and even. Use a blow dryer or feather duster to brush off dust from wall. Vacuum the floor under the area. Repaint or paper the area.

In as easy as one to three, repairing a hole in a wall is not that hard and won’t need you to call a repairman to do it for you. However, if the degree of the hole to fix is not bearable, you can always call somebody who knows how to handle the fixing technically. You can also be guided by the how-to-video below.

How to select an air conditioning installation service provider

Are you planning to install an air conditioning system? Installing an air conditioning system is one way of making your interior liveable. Maybe the oppressive heat is making your house uninhabitable or the cold season has taken a toll on you. It is time to look for a device that can help to balance the atmosphere within your house.

A sound air conditioning system should be able to eliminate the humid air while bringing in a wave of cool air. Again, if you need some heat, you should be able to get the right warmth from your heat pump. That means getting a high performing piece, and of the correct size.

That said, who will install the system for you? Within the Gold Coast, you can get a range of people with expertise to install the air conditioning system. If you do not want hitches in your system, you better get the best service provider.

Below are features to help you identify the best service provider.

Skill level

Undoubtedly, skilled personnel will install the system in a better way. So you have to determine how qualified these individuals are before you hire them. If you are seeking these services from a company, you have to look at the skill level of the individual technician.

Some companies will only sell you the air conditioning system but will not offer installation services. In this case, you have to find an expert on your own.

The skill level determines the type of installation that can be made. Remember, there are different kinds of air conditioning system. Technicians of any skill level can install basic systems. However, the most sophisticated systems like the hybrid systems will require a higher skill level.

Range of services

A good company will not only sale to you the best air conditioning system, but they also should offer installation services. Again, it is vital to consider other kinds of after-sale services like maintenance services.

Similarly, the company you hire must have the ability to install different kinds of brands of air conditioning systems and heat pumps also. You check the range of services online if the company has a website.

Experience level

While skill level is an important thing to look at, experience overrides it all. Technicians who have been installing the air conditioning systems for long periods are well versed with the systems. Similarly, those who have dealt with a wide range of brands know how the function. When it comes to installation, such kinds of professionals can do a better job.

Visit offices and ask questions

After doing some searches, you can shortlist a number of potential companies. These companies should have the features that you desire. Make a list of about three companies, and pay a visit to each one of them.

While at the office, you need to ask the right set of questions, so that you get clarity on some issues. A one-on-one encounter with the technicians allows you to know whether they are fit for your needs or not.

Read reviews online

Currently, most service providers have websites. Apart from just checking the range of their services, you can also read customer reviews. Also, some platforms compare the services of these providers. Check them out.

Reach out to Hinterland Air conditioning installation services if you need an aircon system installed in your home or office.

Home Builder Hervey Bay

Everybody deserves a warm home after a hard day’s work. Whether you like it or not, almost everyone entertains the idea of sipping coffee on a balcony while facing the vast ocean or enjoying the cool sea breeze as you walk barefoot and make footprints in the sand. All these fantasies and more can only turn into reality if you choose the best option of getting the services of home builders in Hervey Bay.

Trusted and reliable real estate agents

Over the years, the demand for purchasing prime lots in Hervey Bay has escalated to an overwhelming percentage, and since then, we needed additional manpower to do the sales and marketing activities of our company. They cover the majority of the bay area, looking for clients who are willing to invest their hard-earned money on something that they will treasure for a lifetime – a decent home for every member of the family.

Strong collaboration with independent contractors

The success of the company would not be possible without the experience and the expertise of the people behind every precious home. From the start, there has been a combination of human talent and the power of machines and other construction pieces of equipment to be able to perform initial clearing operations, primary diggings and excavations, provision and construction of major roads and streets leading to the properties, including the planning and design of placing necessary utilities like electricity, water, telecommunications and Internet. These young and talented people were with us from the turning of stones to the day our clients set their foot on their humble abodes.

Highly recommended engineers, architects, and interior designers

Owning a prime house and lot in Hervey Bay will only be an elusive dream without the intelligence and the keen eye of our team of talented professionals in this field. You just don’t erect or construct something on the sand without computing for the weight it has to bear for a lifetime. Neither will you trust someone to design your home when statements are not backed up or verified with actual work done in the past. Of course, meticulous clients would like to see before they believe. Prior to making a purchase, they have to see the actual housing units by themselves, and if not yet contented by the external view, they come inside and expect an astonishing sight of whatever that satisfies their desire to own their dream home. Dixon Homes is a home builder in Hervey Bay. Inquire about their services and scope of work, and see if they are fit to build your dream home.

Prime properties with global standards

There is, for a fact,  a stiff competition when we talk about making a sale in the field of the real estate business. Do you really want to know how a home builder in Hervey Bay makes the edge, or the cut above the rest? It is because more than the money spent on buying properties at Hervey Bay, people behind the success of providing homes for every family have dedicated all their lives to pursue their love and passion in doing business with people from all walks of life. Consequently, they can’t afford to allow their clients to live on inferior or substandard edifices and structures. It would be a slap on their faces and a tarnish on their integrity if a client finds out that he paid for nothing but crap. Certainly, people responsible for a home builder in Hervey Bay will never, ever, allow these unfortunate things to happen. The client’s trust and confidence in their projects matter most.

Office cleaning in Melbourne

Business success depends on multiple aspects of a business perspective with varying importance for it to see the success lights. Marketing and brand awareness are at the core of business success, another aspect is unmatched customer care services and without forgetting the cleanliness aspect, which always overlooked by many business enterprises. It adds value to a business to maintain a clean, sparkling environment where potential clients feel the ambience and fragrance that make them more comfortable. It takes the unclean office or restaurant to deter most customers from coming in for your products and services.

Office cleaning services

It is not without a reason to find workplace getting dirty and scattered, too many commitments see many businesses, and office owners shun off the efforts to clean their offices, after all, they are too exhausted for such, that is where office cleaning agencies come in to fill the gap, they’ve got you back on that matter, now get focussed on what you can do best and leave the cleanliness part of it to be taken care of for you by someone else. They have the necessary tools and equipment that will leave your office sparkling clean. It is what they are trained to do best. Apart from cleaning your office floors, other areas like windows, tables, carpets, floor mats can be done for you at an affordable price. Graychon office cleaning in Melbourne are experts in this area.

Qualities of good office cleaning services provider

  • Well trained and experienced team of cleaners with cleaning specialty with unparalleled workmanship.
  • The cleaning team should use the most effective cleaning tools and techniques while using the latest cleaning technologies and equipment that will deliver superior results and leave customers happy and feel the value for their money.
  • The cleaning team should employ the use of chemicals and detergents that are efficient and reliable in eliminating harmful bacteria accumulating on floor carpets and floor mats and other hard-to-reach parts of an office. This will leave the office environment healthy and hygienic.
  • Offer comprehensive cleaning services at affordable prices without compromise to the quality of service.
  • Cleaners should have good conduct and perform their duties with high integrity because clients entrust them with their office and valuables and trust that they will do their job without misconduct.

Reasons why we should keep our offices tidy and organized

Increased productivity

It will be hard for you to respect the surroundings in your office when everything else is disarray and disorganised. Without respect for your workplace, work morale will drop likewise to the efforts; you will be looking at the clock every time to check if it is 5 pm yet. But when everything inside your office is inside and in their places, your office will remain clean, tidy and organised throughout the week. Allow cleaning service providers and bet you will never regret the decision. You will feel happy and more productive working in an organised workplace.

Clean, healthy office

An office is a playground for large living things and a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Prevent infections and allergies by keeping your office clean and even better when you hire cleaning services from cleaning agencies, this way; you will minimise the risk of spreading and breeding unhealthy organisms in your office workspace. Consider bacteria that can be spread from one person to another, and a healthy workplace means good health for everyone entering your office.

An office is a place for everything and everything else in their respective places.

Apart from maintaining cleanliness, putting everything in their place makes an office tidy for it to cultivate a good workspace for everyone.

Cheap Ways to Childproof Your Home

When our children are babies we don’t consider some of the items in our home to be dangerous. But once they begin crawling and walking, little hands like to discover new things and things that we have previously considered to be safe become very dangerous to young children. Some of the available items on the market are expensive, and having a childproof home from top to bottom can become an expensive exercise. Some of us also rent, and changing potentially dangerous structural conditions are not an option.

Here are some of the things I have implemented to child proof my home on a budget.

A great thing to do as a parent is get on your hands and knees and see what the world looks like from down below. You will be surprised at things you never knew existed or potentially dangerous areas of your home from a child’s view.

Cupboards and Doors

Some cupboards kids should not be getting into, such as those that contain medicines or cleaning fluids. Not only should we move these items higher so that they cannot reach but cupboards should be locked and unaccessible to little hands.
I have had the fortune of having cupboards that open outwards, and the knobs to the two cupboards side by side are close. I have child proofed these cupboards by investing in strong elastic bands. I tie one end to one knob and tie them together. The tighter you make the elastic the harder for the child to open the cupboard.

Doors and little fingers do not go together. Wherever possible, make sure you use door stoppers to keep them open so that they cannot be closed or slammed on little fingers. Children also like to stand behind doors and put their fingers through the crack. By disabling the door from movement stops them from getting behind it, or others closing the door on their fingers.

You can also buy quite cheaply door knob covers. They are plastic covers that go over the handle and prevent children from turning it. These are very cheap, a great item to have in the home.


My home contains a lot of glass. As it was built many years ago, the windows and doors are not safety glass, and is also not my home. To install safety glass is extremely costly. For example only a few weeks ago I had an outside door slam in the wind. As it was an external door, used to access the outside areas of the home, by law it is supposed to be safety glass. The cost to replace this panel, measuring 1.2meters by 1.4 meters, was $700.00.

A great cost effective way of childproofing glass in your home is by utilizing contact. Purchase rolls of contact at your newsagent or supermarket. Roll the contact over the panels that could be potentially dangerous. If it is broken. by a flying toy or a fast moving truck, it will not shatter into a million pieces. It will remain on the contact, preventing large shards from hurting your children.

Electrical cords and Plugs

Move them out of the way. Power boards should not be on the floor where your children are. Electrical cords should be stored safely away, behind bureaus and televisions. Utilize packing tape and tape cords to the floor, when walking and running toddlers are at play, they do not need cords as an obstacle.
By going to your local two dollar shop you can locate small plastic plugs that fit into your switches. Make sure you insert these into all unused sockets, preventing little fingers or items being poked into them.

Jagged Edges and sharp corners

We all have them. Bench tops, coffee tables, dining tables, soap holders in the bath. Purchase some foam from a pool store, or use old packing foam you may have on hand. Tape with packing tape around every dangerous edge. This may look quite ugly for a while but the safety of your child should take priority. You can purchase plastic edge covers from stores to childproof your home, but I have found the adhesive on these do not stick well.

Plants in the Home

We need to be aware that some species of plants, and the soil used to grow them contain harmful chemicals. Either get all your plants off the ground, use hanger pots, or do not have any at all. Kids love playing with dirt, and the soil in pots is perfect for this activity. Store bought soil contains many chemicals, we use fertilizers and growth enhancements in our household plants.

Move Everything Up Higher

Something we need to remember as parents that if we don’t want our children touching certain things, we need to move them out of reach from them. Children are naturally inquisitive, buttons, remote controls and televisions are a playground for them. Move anything you don’t want touched or broken away and out of sight from children. In effect you are child proofing your household items too.

Water Heater Temperatures

Depending on where in the world you are living, check with your local council on what the temperature of your water heater and what it should be set to. By lowering the temperature that comes out of your hot water faucet, will prevent burns and scorches to young children.

Child safety gates

As I have three children in my home, I try and minimize their traffic in and out of areas that could be harmful to them. Such as the kitchen, especially when food is being prepared. I went to my local hardware store and purchased some sturdy yet cheap wood, some hinges and a lock. It took me less than a day to erect a small gate which I then drilled into place between the kitchen and the main living area. When food is being prepared I lock this gate in order to prevent the kids from coming in and out of the kitchen when food is in the oven or stove.

Besides many of the other safety issues we as parents are aware of, I hope you found some of these tips useful when considering child proofing your home. Many stories you hear about children being hurt and injured within the home, usually begin with “I thought it couldn’t happen to me”. Believe me it does and can happen, such as my recent experience with the slammed door. I was very lucky my children were not closer to the door when the glass shattered, as they were only mere meters from it.

Different Types of Roof Materials


When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home, one of the first places that you should look into is the roof. The roof helps protect the interior of your home from the outdoor elements. Different types of roofing materials are available in the market today. Choose one that will work best for the style of your home and your budget.


Tile roofs often come in forms of clay or concrete. Fired clay tiles such as the Spanish style red barrel tiles come from soil or mud made into clay, placed in molds and baked in high heat. They are durable and can last for several decades. Clay tiles are traditional roofing tiles that complement Spanish-Mission or Tuscan style homes. Modern versions of tile roofs come from concrete made into cement tiles added with coating. Lighter types of cement tiles use fibers or cellulose for more strength. Tile roofs come in different styles and colors. Some tile roofs come in barrel or concave shapes while others are flat. The most common types of color are red, gray and brown.

Tile roofs are non-combustible, long-lasting and durable. They provide enhanced circulation by allowing ambient air to circulate below and above the tile, which helps release solar heat readily. Tile roofs, however, can be costly to purchase and install. They are also heavier and take longer to install than other types of roofs.


Shingle roofs come from different materials such as wood, slate (stone) and asphalt. Wood shingles made of cedar, spruce or treated pines are smooth on both sides. Cedar shingles are brown or reddish when new, but turn gray in the first year. Wood shingles can shrink, warp or splinter over time. They are also susceptible to termite infestation and fire.

Sediments of clay or volcanic ash and fine silt deposited on ancient sea bottoms create slates. Slate shingles are very durable and can last for many years; however, just like tiles, they are heavier per square foot than asphalt. Colors range from different shades of gray, green, purple and cyan.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used type of shingles. Reinforced with fiber glass or paper, they are more durable than wood and much lighter than slate. Asphalt shingles can last up to 30 years and are cheaper and easier to install than shingles made of slates and wood. Staggering multiple layers of materials that include asphalt can produce laminated shingles that can add color and depth to the roof. From afar, these laminated shingles can look like expensive slate roof.


metal-roofingMetal roofs have come a long way. They don’t just come in corrugated tin barn style, but they also come in high-tech finishes that look like clay tiles, wood shingles or slates. Some metals roofs get multi-layer factory finishes to give them a more realistic look similar to granular stone.

Metal roofs are fire-resistant, lightweight and durable. They are faster to install than tiles or shingles because they often come in longer sheets such as the standing-seam roofing. Aluminum, steel copper and alloys are some of the materials used for metal roofs. Galvanizing or applying coats of paint make them resistant to rusts.

A qualified metal-roofing contractor can install metal roofs quicker than an unseasoned do-it-yourselfer. Repairs and modifications can be trickier than asphalt or wood shingles. Metal roofs are generally less expensive than tiles and slates, but cost more than asphalt.



Buying New Roofing: Useful Tips


Every home is incomplete without a roof. Eventually, it is the only imaginable thing, which shields you against the furies of nature and gives that added feature of security to your home. Repairing or changing your roofing is something that you should do wisely lest it leaves any discrepancy, since roofing can cost you quite a lot even if you opt for the cheapest.

Buying tips

Prepare yourself for some research on finding out the best roofing contractor. Make sure that you collect a minimum of five or more bibs from well-establishes companies. Collect and compare their brochures, their method of work and their services including the warranty. Make your-self well versed with the materials used for the roofing.

Always make sure that you engage someone who has a steadfast establishment. A reliable contractor is someone who has a residual business with corporate contact numbers and a valid business license, provided your state requires it. Avoid anyone who insists on making deals only through calls. Just in case, something goes wrong, you can easily locate your contractor if you are well aware of his position.

roofing-worksRoofing can sometimes turn out to be a damaging act for the laborers. To get around with this problem, make sure that you hire a contractor who has insured his workers. Always insist on seeing the insurance proof beforehand, so that you may not land into any legal problems, if any of the workers, gets hurt at your home. Always make sure that the insurance lasts in term with your roofing job.

Do not hesitate to inquire about the financial stability of your contractor. There is no point in hiring someone who would leave your roofing task unfinished because his business went haywire. Make it a point to hire someone who would aptly finish your roofing job up to the last.

It is advisable to have the schedule and procedure up on paper before you begin the roofing. This even includes details about the payments, the time needed to finish the roofing and the method of the task. This is because many people approach state consumer rights agencies stating that roofing contractors have duped them. Having an agreement in writing will avoid such troubles.

Another good tip will be to make some researches about your roofing contractor. Approaching former clients and asking about their experiences in dealing with that particular roofer, will help you build some confidence over your choice.

Always be cautious if the contractor is prepared to accept any of the lowest prices that you are willing to pay. There are cases where roofers charge less because they hire average workers or else do not bother about the insurance.

Keep in mind that a little research beforehand will save you the aftermath of having a shabbily done roofing job. Not only will it help you to get the best possible roofing company but it will also give you roof that would last for a number of years.

Fiberglass Roofing Offers Advantages


With a history dating back to 1938 fiberglass roofing is not a new product. It has stood the test of time for several good reasons: cost, doesn’t rust, many fiberglass roof panels allow natural light through and some even have a UV filter within the panel. They’re a little bit tricky to work with, but the results make up for that!

Fiberglass roof panels can also be used for other projects such as a pergola, small greenhouse/garden shed or “heat grabbers” that use the dark or smoke colored panels. Fiberglass panels are typically 2-3 feet wide and can be in a variety of lengths from 8-16 feet while some heavy panels can be up to 38 feet long for barns and industrial buildings. Fiberglass roofing is a viable way to keep rain and snow out while letting some natural light in, reducing the amount of electricity needed.

One of the more common types of panels found is a corrugated fiberglass sheet often found in DIY hardware outlets. These let the rain funnel into the channels and drain to the end for those wishing to add a gutter on the end it’s easy to divert the water into a tank that recycles water for plants, pets and other uses around the home.

Many people discount these for a few reasons they can crack if a tree limb or other object falls hard on them and if they do the ability to shed water, even if repaired, is never quite the same. However they are also inexpensive and easily replaced, removing one sheet and inserting the other. When installing roof panels it’s best to use washers and drill, rather than drive, holes to keep it from splintering and breaking near the edges under stress. If you’re using it as a “poor man’s skylight” on a deck with a metal roof, for example, an easy extra security is tucking the edges of the fiberglass sheet UNDER the metal one, allowing for extra stability all the way down the sheet.

Many people find the cost and usefulness of a fiberglass roof attractive as well as the low maintenance, but simply don’t like the panels for a roof. You’re still in luck! Fiberglass shingles offer an alternative and, as a relative newcomer to the building world, offer alternatives in design and colors. They can offer fire resistance and are light weight with good wear against hail, snow and ice. Of course every building option can have drawbacks and these do too. Thermal splitting can be an issue and, as with the panels, nailing and placement instructions should be followed for maximum durability of the roof.

There are many advantages to a good fiberglass roof that make it an option worth checking out for your next project.

Five Ways to Spot a Roofing Problem


A roof is a commonly overlooked part of the home. How can a person spot a bad roofing problem before it is too late? Can many problems be fixed before it is time to re-roof the house? Here are five major signs that a roof problem may exist in ones home.

Sign #1

The roof is leaking when it is raining. This sign cannot be ignored for long and is easily found and repaired. Check the attic when it is raining and pin point the leak, patch it as soon as the rain stops save money by fixing it yourself.

Sign #2

roofing-do-it-your-ownBare spots in the shingles. This can be that a shingle is worn out and needs to be replaced or simply that the shingle in question is no longer there. This problem can be solved as well by replacing the bad shingles as they occur, this will save a bundle on roof replacement. Replacing shingles is easy to do and requires only the basic tools – a hammer and roofing nails.

Sign #3

The roofing shingles may be curling or pointing upward. If it is not the entire roof and only a few shingles, these too can be replaced one at a time. If not replaced, they can cause water damage by having the water come in up underneath the shingles. It is much easier to replace shingles as they go bad than to replace the wood underneath the roof.

Sign #4

Another common problem shingles may develop and a good early warning sign would be a downward curling of the shingles, this too can be a problem depending on the weather.

This problem can be tackled on a needed basis as well and took care of as it arises. In this tough economy, every cent saved is important.

Sign #5

Broken shingles can be detected from the ground in most cases. They may have chips or pieces broken out in corners or the middle of the shingle. This too can be a problem that is easily taken care of.


Roofing problems should never be overlooked. Finding these problems requires one to look up from time to time. Humans do have that ability but seldom use it, prevention is the key to saving money. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Before attempting to climb onto the roof think about safety and when in doubt call a professional roofing contractor.

Spruce Up Your Backyard Landscape with These Great Water Elements


Adding a water element to your garden or backyard landscape can have a great impact on the beauty of your property. When you add a fountain, waterfall or fish pond, you create a relaxing and welcoming environment, not just for your family but for all your friends and guests as well.

A Charming Modern or Rustic Fountain

A fountain can add charm and beauty to any garden and you can find a variety of different fountains that are perfect for any landscape. From understated elegance to over-the-top extravagance, there are fountains suitable for every taste and every type of home. You can find these fountains at your local garden center and on the Internet as well.

You do need to consider a number of factors when choosing a fountain, including the space you have available, whether you want a geyser-like fountain or a more subdued waterfall, and of course how much you have to spend. You might also want to consider a solar-powered fountain, especially if you do not have ready access to an outdoor electrical outlet.

Add a Relaxing Waterfall


Adding a waterfall to an existing pond provides a relaxing spot in the landscape and a place for reflection and meditation. You do not have to design your waterfall from the ground up. Instead, you can buy a waterfall kit from your local garden center or home improvement store.

You can use a wall-mounted waterfall to make the most of limited space, or an in-ground waterfall for a more natural look and feel. You can also incorporate waterfalls into the other elements of your landscape, including ponds and even swimming pools.


Enjoy the Beauty of Nature with a Koi Pond

You can create a relaxing oasis in your backyard by adding a fish koi pond to the landscape. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to install a fish pond in your backyard. You can find ready-made pumps designed specifically for outdoor ponds at your local pet store or garden center, as well as the filters and parts you need to keep the pump running smoothly.

You can also buy customized pond molds in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. All you need to do is dig an appropriately sized hole, set the pond form in place, set up the pump and add water and fish.

Create a Relaxing Aquatic Garden in Your Backyard

You can build a separate section of your garden landscape around water elements. Using plants like lilies and other water-loving plants can help you create a beautiful garden landscape, either as an accent to your existing flower garden or as a separate area of your backyard landscape.

Be sure to choose plants that are suitable for where you live. Choosing plants that grow well in your environment will reduce the need for ongoing maintenance and give you more time to enjoy your garden and its surrounding water elements.

Using Wall and Roofing Panels


Going Green! Those words seem to be everywhere today, in all areas of life. There is one area where going green is not only good for the environment but good in many ways for the consumer. And that is in home construction.

One relatively easy way to go green is to use prefabricated construction panels for walls and roofs in new residences. Panels are usually used only in exterior walls but can be used for interior wall construction as well.

wooden-wall-panelWall and roofing panels are known as Structured Insulated Panels or SIPs. The most common type is clad in plywood or OSB board on both sides around an insulated core. However, other materials can be used for cladding, including steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, and some composite materials.

There are significant advantages in building with SIPs. There are also cautions that those choosing SIP systems must observe.


Panelized systems are built in factories. This provides a consistent and carefully crafted
product that forms a strong, structural envelope. On site assembly is relatively easy with reduced construction times and reduced labor costs. The product offers sufficient strength to resist hurricanes, earthquakes, debris impact and even pest infestations.

The environmental benefits are also important. SIPs offer improved insulation that reduces energy costs. Home owners will enjoy better soundproofing reducing interior noise pollution.


Installation varies by type of panelized system as well as individual manufacturer. Learning time for onsite labor is not great. The systems are easy to put together, and the shell of a home can be constructed in a few days.

Panels are usually shipped directly to the jobsite by the manufacturer, and since they are built in a factory, they can be constructed at any time of the year. Panels are not subject to weather delays.


There are several characteristics of SIPs that builders must keep in mind. While SIPs save labor, they are more expensive to produce initially. There is little room for error. Panels for each home must be carefully designed and planned to ensure tight onsite fit. Foundations must ensure easy installation at the job site, and onsite design changes are difficult and costly.

Additionally, delivery must be planned to get the right set of panels to the jobsite at the right time or construction delays will occur.

Tradesmen must be well trained in the use of panels. If a plumber or electrician makes a wrong cut, that panel may be ruined causing cost overruns and delays. Trades people must be aware that the panel is filled with insulation.

Builders need to research local codes to make sure that the selected system meets all local requirements. With a variety of systems available, the builder should select the one that meets local conditions best while serving construction needs and customer satisfaction.

Designs must be carefully planned to eliminate changes after manufacturing has begun. Changes driven by onsite problems can be costly and should be avoided.


Structured Insulated Panels offer significant benefits to the builder and his customers. They are easy to assemble on the jobsite with reduced labor costs. They are structurally sound with high insulation properties. They also reduce interior noise levels.

Panel design must be clear and precise. Delivery schedules must be carefully planned and met. Local codes need to be observed, and the construction trades need training in the use of panels and the potential problems.

With careful planning and training, however, builders can provide strong, secure, cost-effective, timely and well-designed housing to customers through the use of Structured Insulated Panels.


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