Company Profile

Pro Logic Remodeling, Inc. is a contracting company which was established in 2003, based and currently focused in Houston, Texas USA. With its Head Office located in one of the busiest cities, Pro Logic is held to be equipped with the latest resources when it comes to latest technology and expertise at this time when construction is at its peak.

Clients expect the highest quality and standards in minimal time, and with the company delivering and consistently meeting the same has won the clients’ confidence over a very short period of time. With high quality and safety records, Pro Logic continues to satisfy and build trusted relationships with its clients.

Within a very short duration of expanding its operation in Texas since founding in 2003, Pro logic Remodeling Inc. has successfully become one of the trusted building contractors in the region.

Aspiration for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and the over all health and safety of its employees are at the forefront of the company’s philosophy.



Building Lives to a Better Generation

The company’s long term vision is to evolve into a working desire to serve and to fulfill every family and/or individual’s dream to build homes, roads, establishments and businesses whether it be simple or a skyscraper type.

Pro Logic Remodeling, Inc. shares its vision in the preparation to our better generation ahead. This go hand in hand in its mission to run a profitable business providing quality construction and engineering solutions to the industry, whilst offering gainful employment and a mutually beneficial relationship with other partners in the business.

Facilities & Resources

Construction of civil engineering works including roads, concrete and steel structures, buildings, water, drainage, sewerage, electrical and mechanical system. Remodeling, roofing, interior design, name it we have all the resources to provide what is needed to complete the works.

Indeed, highly qualified professionals are responsible for the company’s strategy, projects and corporate financing policy, coordination of resources, logistics, and support of the company’s operations.

The primary support of the company’s effective control management system with regard to daily operations is the extensive framework of quality assurance policies, procedures and systems. This provides clear guidelines for responsibilities, authorities and risk control. Thus the primary objective is to ensure excellence in project execution on time at the highest standards.

Occupational Health and Safety is a vital component in our culture. All employees maintain highest levels of knowledge and functionality related to Health and Safety respectively. Safe working practices are atop of our priorities without allowance for deviation from strict safety norms. Training is continuously carried out to ensure awareness and initiatives to work safely.