Five Ways to Spot a Roofing Problem

A roof is a commonly overlooked part of the home. How can a person spot a bad roofing problem before it is too late? Can many problems be fixed before it is time to re-roof the house? Here are five major signs that a roof problem may exist in ones home.

Sign #1

The roof is leaking when it is raining. This sign cannot be ignored for long and is easily found and repaired. Check the attic when it is raining and pin point the leak, patch it as soon as the rain stops save money by fixing it yourself.

Sign #2

roofing-do-it-your-ownBare spots in the shingles. This can be that a shingle is worn out and needs to be replaced or simply that the shingle in question is no longer there. This problem can be solved as well by replacing the bad shingles as they occur, this will save a bundle on roof replacement. Replacing shingles is easy to do and requires only the basic tools – a hammer and roofing nails.

Sign #3

The roofing shingles may be curling or pointing upward. If it is not the entire roof and only a few shingles, these too can be replaced one at a time. If not replaced, they can cause water damage by having the water come in up underneath the shingles. It is much easier to replace shingles as they go bad than to replace the wood underneath the roof.

Sign #4

Another common problem shingles may develop and a good early warning sign would be a downward curling of the shingles, this too can be a problem depending on the weather.

This problem can be tackled on a needed basis as well and took care of as it arises. In this tough economy, every cent saved is important.

Sign #5

Broken shingles can be detected from the ground in most cases. They may have chips or pieces broken out in corners or the middle of the shingle. This too can be a problem that is easily taken care of.


Roofing problems should never be overlooked. Finding these problems requires one to look up from time to time. Humans do have that ability but seldom use it, prevention is the key to saving money. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Before attempting to climb onto the roof think about safety and when in doubt call a professional roofing contractor.