Pros and Cons of Travertine Flooring Option

Travertine is one of the most attractive forms of limestone with marble-like texture and earth-tone colours, making it a famous stone among builders and homeowners. Historically, travertine came from the mountains of Italy, but the ones sold today come from Peru, Mexico, Turkey, and Iran. Tiles are made from this travertine to be used as a flooring material. Travertine is usually sold in the form of tiles coming in different earth-tone colours such as tans, browns, rustic, and beige hues. Travertine is durable and easy to care for, unlike other types of natural stone. Again, it’s cumbersome compared to other types, and its porousness requires the surface to be sealed regularly. Even though they are not appropriate for all locations, with proper care and maintenance, the travertine floor can give a unique blend of beauty to our interior spaces.

What are travertine tiles? Read through the article to find out more about them.


  • Stylish but dignified
  • Adds value to the real estate
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Very expensive
  • Require periodic sealing
  • Slippery and cold underfoot

The cost of travertine flooring

Travertine flooring is a mid-range stone but still resides in the high-end range of flooring options. In total, the travertine flooring option costs approximately $15 per square foot, including labour, while granite only costs approximately $12 per square foot, and marble averages about $20 per square foot. The laminate flooring option can be done professionally at the cost of less than $5 per square foot. Like other natural stones, travertine can vary in cost depending on the quality and the finish.

Travertine finishes range from the natural finish, which is the least expensive to the most expensive, honed, sealed, and polished surface.

Travertine floor maintenance

The exercise of maintaining travertine floors can be complicated and simple at the same time. Like other natural flooring stones, they are porous and allow liquid and staining agents to penetrate. But this problem can be solved by sealing with a surface sealer. The treatment needs to be done during the installation and periodically applied throughout the life of the floor. And if you want to maintain the gloss of the floor, regular resealing is recommended. If the travertine floor is maintained, it becomes easy to clean, just soap and a dump cloth.

Travertine is made to withstand the beating and shows no sign of damage after severe scratches or chips. Although they may bow down to weathering over time, they show remarkable resilience, and weathering gives a travertine natural distinct character of ancient architecture.

As with honed and polished travertine surfaces, they are highly susceptible to scratches, while natural finishes are more resistant.


Travertine has been in existence since time immemorial, and floors made from it adds a sense of age and ancient architecture. It does draw attention inherently in a subdued way with shifting surface effects with each naturally formed stone leaving earth art, a one of a kind installation to the floor or wherever installed. Travertine has soft palette colours that are subtler than marble and granite options. They are available in tans, beige, grey, and speckled off-white hues that promise not to overwhelm floors with dramatic colours.


Travertine tiles are installed in the same way we do to granite and ceramic tiles. A layer of cement underlay to the subfloor, lay the tiles with a thin-set adhesive, and finally, fill the joints with grout and allow them to dry before use.

What you should know before hiring a residential architect in Sydney

Are you looking for residential architects in Sydney? Chances are that you might already have done a bit of research on your own. Finding the right architect takes a whole lot of time and dedication. You need to find an architect who is on the same wavelength as you are. Plus you also need to take several other things into account. These include things like transportation and the level of the client satisfaction.

Before you hire an architect make sure to consider all of the following things:

Finding residential architects in Sydney

You need to keep an open minded attitude when searching for an architect. You need to be aware about the amount of flexibility which is required in such projects. While everyone wants to have their dream home constructed, the advice from your architect can be quite valuable. Most architects would find a way to work around your vision. However if at any point you feel that your project might not work exactly the way you want it to they would let you know about it from the very beginning. Instead of feeling bad about it you should pay heed to why you architect has suggested certain changes. They have to consider things like the building codes, the designs and the structural integrity of the building.  When they arrive at a decision it would only be based on these factors and great many other things as well.

Consider the timeline

You should be aware that architects tend to be busy individuals and they might not be able to start on your project immediately. If you are in a hurry to move into the new home you may need to find an architect who would be able to accommodate you.

Do talk about the budget

In order to prevent any surprises it is important to talk about the budget before hand only. Make sure to discuss the budget with the architect and ask them whether they would be willing to work within those constraints. It is important that you are very clear from the beginning about how you would be paying for your project. It is important to keep realistic expectations based on your budget so that the project and be completed on time.

Do consider the long term goal

Despite the fact that you might be in a hurry for the project to be completed the right architect is going to take their time. They are always thinking about the long-term project. An architect would want to make sure that the project should last without the client having to put more money to it. They would provide you with the classic home which is not just based on the current trends but something which can last for a long time.

Get to know who would be working on the project

When it comes to building a residential home, you should know that architect would require more than themselves to accomplish the goal. Most architects work with the team of contractors. However it would not really impact the budget because you would have talked about it before hand only. Having a number of people on the project would ensure that everything gets completed well within time.

Keeping things in mind would help you find the right residential architects in Sydney.

Tips from electricians on saving electricity

Have you ever taken a look at your electricity bill and got shocked? Did you wonder how things were out of control despite being so very careful? An electricity bill can be a frustrating mystery. Huge amounts of it could actually ruin your finances.

The following are some tips from electrician to help you save electricity and control it in no time at all:

  • An AC that is placed directly under the sun can take 10% more units to operate than a unit which has been kept in the shade. Since the unit would get warm sitting directly under the sunlight it would therefore take longer to cool. Blocking the heat would also help lower the electricity bills.
  • You do not need to keep your air conditioner switched on all day long. Infant you can also switch on a fan which is far more cost effective than having the AC running 24/7. Once you feel that your room has cooled down at a suitable temperature you may want to switch on the fan to have the cold air distributed evenly in the room.
  • Clean the clothes dryer on a regular basis. In order to make sure that the dryer is running at maximum capacity you need to get rid of the lint which is trapped after every load of laundry. This can help slash the laundry bills by almost 30%.
  • Instead of using big bulbs to light up the rooms you should consider the small compact fluorescent light bulb. These require almost 70% less energy when compared to the regular light bulbs. These save you a lot of cash on your monthly bill. An added benefit of these are that these produce a lot less heat than the usual bulbs therefore when it comes to cooling your home or your room, it is going to get cool much faster.
  • Instead of having to use a number of power plugs it is best that you invest in a power strip. It’s a modern innovation but one which could save you a whole lot of money with a single flip of a switch. You can plug up to five electronic gadgets into the single strip and reduce the amount of power used by other plugs in your home.
  • Most of the time our devices are in a standby mode. They use energy even when we are not using them for example a DVD player which has been plugged into the switch can be using electricity for months but you may not be aware about it. It is best to completely switch off the appliances when not in use so they do not even consume a small amount of power.
  • Make sure that you change the temperature range of the refrigerator to about 35 to 38 degree Fahrenheit. Also make sure that the seal of the door closes properly. Get the refrigerator coils cleaned at least twice a year.
  • Last but not the least make sure that you hire the right electrician Canberra. A professional would process the energy needs of your home and then advise you on the kind of appliances which you should be using to make sure that the monthly bills are not exorbitant.

Things to consider regarding granny flats in Perth

A granny flat is often referred to as an in-law living space to house a visiting guest, a live-in nanny, a relative, or an aging parent. Homeowners in Perth build granny flats Perth either as a separate building from the main house, or a converted garage or in the basement.

Granny flats, Perth brings a lot of benefits which is not unsurprising. The added space can be used as storage for belongings or renting it out can bring extra income. However, a lot of things have to be considered before investing in a granny flat, to include:

Your finances

Your finances are the single and most important factor to consider when you’re planning to construct a granny flat in your property. You have to make sure whether your budget allows the construction and the exact purpose of building a granny flat. It has to be noted also that purchasing a property with a granny flat will also cost more than one that doesn’t have one.

Check the city zoning or HOA regulations

The various city zoning or homeowners’ association should be carefully checked if you plan to have a granny flat constructed in your property. Some HOA and city regulations may not allow any separate building to be constructed in the property. It won’t only cost more in money but also a waste of time when you have to tear it down.

Hiring a home builder

Hiring a home builder is the next step when the HOA or zoning regulations approve your plan of constructing a granny flat on your property. The smartest way is to get only a reputable home builder for a smoother building process. A licensed and experienced builder will not only build a granny flat based on your design but also help you with building permits and other paperwork.

Added utility expenses

Building a separate structure such as a granny flat also means added utility expenses. The additional utility costs range from heating and cooling, electricity, and water. You need to let go of building a granny flat if you’re not agreeable with the additional utility costs.

Maintenance expenses

Like the main home, maintenance is also a must for the granny flat. The additional household chores to maintain the granny flat in tip-top condition range from replacing light bulbs, vacuuming the floors, to clearing out the gutters. It’s best to forget about the granny flat project if you don’t have time to maintain it.

Additional insurance coverage

Some insurance companies are reluctant to cover a separate building on the property. Considered as an accessory dwelling unit, granny flats may not be allowed coverage by some insurance companies. An uninsured building on your property can become a big risk especially when you plan to rent it out.

The only way to provide insurance coverage for the granny flat is to pay extra to have it insured as the main house.

Granny flats have become increasingly popular in Perth and elsewhere in the world. The benefits this separate structure provides make life easier and convenient for homeowners that want their in-laws, a live-in maid, or guests live in proximity to the main house. Renting out a granny flat is a great ROI project for any homeowner.

How house builders determine the cost of the services they offer in Gold Coast

Building a house for the people that you love is one of the things that everyone wants.  This is because owning a house is quite different from living in a rental house. This is because your loved ones have the freedom and peace of mind when they are staying in a house that you own. They can do whatever they want without minding what their landlords and neighbours will say. When in your house, you can also save so much money since you will not be paying the rent. When you are living on the Gold Coast, you will also find that life in the rentals is quite different from the life you live in your own house.

Many people will argue that life is cheap in rentals since you pay rent every month. Building a house is quite expensive because you spend the money once. However, if you are prepared, it will be very cheap for you. There are so many things that the housebuilders will consider when they are charging you the cost of the services that they will offer you. For this reason, you should have as much money as you can so that you do not underestimate the costs of these services that you will get. The following article will help you minimise the factors that the housebuilders in the Gold Coast will look at before charging you money for the services they offer. They make consideration of the following factors:

Level of experience

One of the essential factors that the housebuilders will overlook before charging you for the costs you will get is the level of experience that the housebuilders have.  The level of expertise of the different housebuilders matters as far as the cost of services is concerned. There are those housebuilders who are more experienced than the others. This depends on the number of years that the housebuilders have been working in this field. The more experienced the housebuilder is, the more the cost of the services you get.

The size of your project

 Houses are built of different sizes. There are those people who will want to build big homes while there are those who will wish to have smaller houses. This is determined by the size of the family and also the amount of money that one can afford to build a home. The size of the house project will be determined by the size of the house that you are building. The bigger the project, the more the number of days that the builders have to take to complete the project. For this reason, more money is required for the services that you will need.

The location of the builders

The other thing that the builders will look at when they are charging you the services they will offer is their location. Different locations have different rates for the services that they offer. If the house builder is located in a rural area, despite their level of experience, they will charge you less. However, a housebuilder living in any town on the Gold Coast, their services will cost more.

The design of the house you need

A house could either have a simple or complicated design. The type of design that you need will determine the amount of cash you are going to pay. When you need a house with a simple design, you will pay less than anyone requiring a house with a complicated design.

Find the right house builders who will be able to balance costs and quality.

Using the building and pest inspection report to your advantage

Any smart buyer knows that the more they know about the building or the property, the better chance they have of negotiating the price. A building and pest inspection report from an inspector in Gold Coast allows buyers a great deal of leverage when it comes to deciding the buying price.

Sometimes a report might just have minor imperfections, it can still be used to bring down the price of the property by a few thousand dollars. This way you can also get back the few hundred dollars which you might have spent on having the building inspection report carried out. Consider it more of a useful negotiation tool then an added expense.

Often enough buyers are relieved to have the inspection carried out. This is usually because what they anticipate as a great buy might turn out to be a major investment with added cost for them. The inspection can be useful especially if the property you are going to buy is more than a decade old.

Also these reports can actually be a blessing in disguise. Those buyers who have already planned on renovating the property once they buy it, would find it useful. For example if damage is found in certain part of the building, it could be knocked down and a new structure be erected in its place.

The above mentioned are a few ways in which the building and pest inspection report could be used to the buyer’s advantage. However, it is also important that you hire the right building and pest services in Gold Coast. Keep the following things in mind when hiring a building and pest inspector:

  • Most of the time sellers willingly show the building and pest inspection reports they have carried out on the property before making the sale. One might feel tempted to forego the complete process and save up on the cash which they would have to spend otherwise. However, it is advisable to get the report carried out on our own as well. This can save you a great deal of cash if there is any structural damage to the property which might not have been evident at the time of the previous report.
  • An independent inspection is made on unbiased principles. You can hope to get the full disclosure. Also add to is the complete peace of mind that you would have that you can be assured that the property is worth buying. Spending a few hundred dollars can bring better peace of mind.
  • When looking for a property inspector, make sure you conduct the necessary research. Find people on the internet or through word of mouth.
  • The building surveyor should have a license and should have all the necessary qualifications.
  • Also make sure that the building and pest inspections comply with the Australian standards. Once the report is issued it’s also a good idea to get back in touch with the inspector. They can explain the report to you in layman terms.

Hervey Bay Real Estate- Tips for buying new property

Are you thinking about investing in Hervey Bay real estate by Carter Cooper? Often it is easy for the first time buyer to become dazzled by what is apparent. They think that a great first impression is enough to go and buy a new house. However, there are things which you need to look beyond first appearances.

Make sure you keep the following things in mind before you invest in Hervey bay real estate.

Do the necessary research on Hervey bay real estate

When you are in search of a new home you should try to take a look at three or four properties. Then make sure you do the necessary research for each of these properties. At the same time you need to ensure that your own finances are in order. If possible hire a professional agent to handle the dealings. You need someone to make a good sale on your previous property or offer up something as a collateral when purchasing a new house.

Take a look at the additional costs

When purchasing new property keep in mind that there are additional costs attached to it as well. You would have to make a deposit when you book a new property. It can be around 5% of the total price of the property. The solicitors fee as well as an annual service charge which is payable on an immediate basis. So make sure that your budgeting is in order.

Check out the location

Once you have set your heart on a particular house, make sure you get to know all about the locality and its location. Check out for the amenities. Take a look at the neighborhood. The best way you can get to know more about the place is to visit at different times of the day. Check for transport links from your neighborhood to other areas. You don’t want to be stranded in a place which is far from the metropolis.

Make sure you visit the property at least twice before you make a purchase

While it’s common that on the day of the viewing everything appears to be immaculate. It’s actually what’s not apparent on the outside which is important. So make sure you visit the property at least twice. Assess the design and structure of the house. Does it appeal to you? Does it have enough space to add up another floor or room? Is the garden compact or big? What is important for you? Do you prefer open floor plans or you like the traditional rooms separated by the walls.

Make sure compare and contrast a few properties

Don’t forget to compare and contrast the various properties which you have viewed. Check for things like kitchen storage, the finishing of the floor and the furniture on offer. The condition of the house at the time of the sale and so on. This would help you arrive at the right decision.

Buying Hervey bay real estate homes is serious business, make sure you talk to an estate agent today.

Benefits of double glazing in Melbourne

Double glazing means using windows that have two layers of glass. These windows are known as double glazed windows. The glasses making the windows are either separated by a vacuum or by inert gases. One of the main reasons why most people, especially in Melbourne, are fond of double glazing is because the windows provide the best insulation for their homes. However, double glazing looks expensive, but once you have installed the windows in your house, you will discover that it is one of the best investments that you can ever have. This is because there are so many benefits of double glazing. The following article discusses the benefits of double glazing in Melbourne:

1.         It provides the best insulation.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why people in Melbourne like double glazing is that it provides better insulation. This is because the double glazed windows used acts as a barrier against heat, and hence they reduce the amount of heat that is transferred from your house to the cold outside environment. For this reason, our house retains the heat that it has been gaining from the sun during the day, making the house warm when it is cold. During the hot seasons, double glazing makes it possible for the house to stay cool since it prevents the extreme heat from entering the house. This is why double glazing provides insulation for your house.

2.         it reduces the amount of noise.

The other advantage of double glazing is that it reduces the amount of heat that is coming from the outside of your house. For this reason, if you live in an urban centre where there are so many noises from the large crowds of people, music and also passing vehicles, the best way of ensuring that the noise does not affect you is by double glazing. For this reason, you will have a chance of living in a very peaceful environment that has no noise. Consequently, as you talk from the house, no one will be able to know whatever you are saying because the people around you will only hear your voices. The double glazed windows will also ensure that the noises or voices coming from your house are retained in the house.

3.         It enhances security.

When you compare the ability to break the normal windows and the double glazed window, you will find out that breaking the double glazed windows is quite difficult. This is because the double glazed windows are more strong and hard and hence very hard to break. For this reason, double glazing is a way of enhancing the security of your house.

4.         Double glazing increases the value of your property.

Double glazing ensures that your house is not only insulated but also very secure and comfortable. For this reason, when you have invested in double glazing, the value of your property automatically increases. For this reason, in case you are planning to sell your house, you should consider double glazing since you will sell the house at a better price. Contact Maven Double Glazing Melbourne for your windows.

5.         It is one of the ways of reducing energy costs.

Most of the people in Melbourne use so much energy when it comes to heating their houses during the cold seasons and cooling the temperatures when the season is very cold. For this reason, they end up using so much energy leading to increased energy costs. However, double glazing ensures that the house is at the right condition every time without using any energy. As a result, this leads to a reduction in energy costs.

House Builders in Brisbane

Homebuilders are agencies or companies that specialise in home constructions for clients. What is more, they do acquire properties and develop for sale to gather for those homebuyers who want to move in as soon as possible and want to acquire readymade homes. In their catalogues, you will find they advertise ready to move in homes as well as seek commitments from clients to construct the homes. Isn’t that cool? The best part is that they have several top class designs for your dream home. Designs that cuts across the spectrum of home would-be-owners, they have unmatched design templates to suit anyone. Their construction standards are commercial grade and meet or even surpass the minimum standards and regulations by federal laws governing building and constructions. A home is a home, and no one denies that, but a dream home is the one that will give you and your family members and even your guest’s extraordinary comforts. Today, dream homes can be realised easily, with the right budget and with the right builders. It safe to be paranoid but get things done the right way, building a home is a permanent investment and you should choose the right design and the right building materials, remember, designs are reinvented day in day out, so, it is safe to look far into the future or else you risk your home design to be old school design in the near future.

Before settling for home builders and home designs, it is recommended that you do thorough research inline with what your dream home should be and the budget at hand. If you are not confident in this, there is no going wrong! You should nail it right! Consult with building and home consultants, and you will be guided the right way along with your dream home requirements. The cost of building a home is a factor too important to be looked upon. Some home dealers over explode and exaggerate their prices, especially when they learn that you are desperate for a home. So, before spending hefty monies on a property, think twice and seek a helping hand from someone knowledgeable.

Home designs for you to choose from

If you are not knowledgeable on matters of home properties, fret not, a home builder is obligated to guide you through styles and designs in their catalogues and within your budget, also in tandem with the size and shape of your land. Not to forget the design flavours of your dream home. Even when you are a green hone in matters to do with home property, I am sure you know that materials used will determine the cost of building and constructions, another factor will be the amenities to include in your home designs, like the number of bedrooms, kitchen design, bathrooms, and the guest rooms. Other factors worth considering may include; the location and the proximity to the city centre, the acreage of your land, the neighbourhood, public amenities like sewer systems and more.

Choosing home builders or do it yourself

If you want professional-looking designs, you would rather go for professional builders, if you want every aspect of your dream home to be taken care of. If you want to save on building, go for home builders, they know everything and can acquire materials on discounted prices which will reduce the cost. Don’t lie to yourself; doing it on your own will overrun your bank account. Take it or leave it, but consult with a professional, as many will advise you for free. Newstart Homes are house builders in Brisbane. You can approach them with your inquiries regarding building your dream house.


Different Types of Roof Materials

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home, one of the first places that you should look into is the roof. The roof helps protect the interior of your home from the outdoor elements. Different types of roofing materials are available in the market today. Choose one that will work best for the style of your home and your budget.


Tile roofs often come in forms of clay or concrete. Fired clay tiles such as the Spanish style red barrel tiles come from soil or mud made into clay, placed in molds and baked in high heat. They are durable and can last for several decades. Clay tiles are traditional roofing tiles that complement Spanish-Mission or Tuscan style homes. Modern versions of tile roofs come from concrete made into cement tiles added with coating. Lighter types of cement tiles use fibers or cellulose for more strength. Tile roofs come in different styles and colors. Some tile roofs come in barrel or concave shapes while others are flat. The most common types of color are red, gray and brown.

Tile roofs are non-combustible, long-lasting and durable. They provide enhanced circulation by allowing ambient air to circulate below and above the tile, which helps release solar heat readily. Tile roofs, however, can be costly to purchase and install. They are also heavier and take longer to install than other types of roofs.


Shingle roofs come from different materials such as wood, slate (stone) and asphalt. Wood shingles made of cedar, spruce or treated pines are smooth on both sides. Cedar shingles are brown or reddish when new, but turn gray in the first year. Wood shingles can shrink, warp or splinter over time. They are also susceptible to termite infestation and fire.

Sediments of clay or volcanic ash and fine silt deposited on ancient sea bottoms create slates. Slate shingles are very durable and can last for many years; however, just like tiles, they are heavier per square foot than asphalt. Colors range from different shades of gray, green, purple and cyan.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used type of shingles. Reinforced with fiber glass or paper, they are more durable than wood and much lighter than slate. Asphalt shingles can last up to 30 years and are cheaper and easier to install than shingles made of slates and wood. Staggering multiple layers of materials that include asphalt can produce laminated shingles that can add color and depth to the roof. From afar, these laminated shingles can look like expensive slate roof.


metal-roofingMetal roofs have come a long way. They don’t just come in corrugated tin barn style, but they also come in high-tech finishes that look like clay tiles, wood shingles or slates. Some metals roofs get multi-layer factory finishes to give them a more realistic look similar to granular stone.

Metal roofs are fire-resistant, lightweight and durable. They are faster to install than tiles or shingles because they often come in longer sheets such as the standing-seam roofing. Aluminum, steel copper and alloys are some of the materials used for metal roofs. Galvanizing or applying coats of paint make them resistant to rusts.

A qualified metal-roofing contractor can install metal roofs quicker than an unseasoned do-it-yourselfer. Repairs and modifications can be trickier than asphalt or wood shingles. Metal roofs are generally less expensive than tiles and slates, but cost more than asphalt.




Buying New Roofing: Useful Tips

Every home is incomplete without a roof. Eventually, it is the only imaginable thing, which shields you against the furies of nature and gives that added feature of security to your home. Repairing or changing your roofing is something that you should do wisely lest it leaves any discrepancy, since roofing can cost you quite a lot even if you opt for the cheapest.

Buying tips

Prepare yourself for some research on finding out the best roofing contractor. Make sure that you collect a minimum of five or more bibs from well-establishes companies. Collect and compare their brochures, their method of work and their services including the warranty. Make your-self well versed with the materials used for the roofing.

Always make sure that you engage someone who has a steadfast establishment. A reliable contractor is someone who has a residual business with corporate contact numbers and a valid business license, provided your state requires it. Avoid anyone who insists on making deals only through calls. Just in case, something goes wrong, you can easily locate your contractor if you are well aware of his position.

roofing-worksRoofing can sometimes turn out to be a damaging act for the laborers. To get around with this problem, make sure that you hire a contractor who has insured his workers. Always insist on seeing the insurance proof beforehand, so that you may not land into any legal problems, if any of the workers, gets hurt at your home. Always make sure that the insurance lasts in term with your roofing job.

Do not hesitate to inquire about the financial stability of your contractor. There is no point in hiring someone who would leave your roofing task unfinished because his business went haywire. Make it a point to hire someone who would aptly finish your roofing job up to the last.

It is advisable to have the schedule and procedure up on paper before you begin the roofing. This even includes details about the payments, the time needed to finish the roofing and the method of the task. This is because many people approach state consumer rights agencies stating that roofing contractors have duped them. Having an agreement in writing will avoid such troubles.

Another good tip will be to make some researches about your roofing contractor. Approaching former clients and asking about their experiences in dealing with that particular roofer, will help you build some confidence over your choice.

Always be cautious if the contractor is prepared to accept any of the lowest prices that you are willing to pay. There are cases where roofers charge less because they hire average workers or else do not bother about the insurance.

Keep in mind that a little research beforehand will save you the aftermath of having a shabbily done roofing job. Not only will it help you to get the best possible roofing company but it will also give you roof that would last for a number of years.


Fiberglass Roofing Offers Advantages

With a history dating back to 1938 fiberglass roofing is not a new product. It has stood the test of time for several good reasons: cost, doesn’t rust, many fiberglass roof panels allow natural light through and some even have a UV filter within the panel. They’re a little bit tricky to work with, but the results make up for that!

Fiberglass roof panels can also be used for other projects such as a pergola, small greenhouse/garden shed or “heat grabbers” that use the dark or smoke colored panels. Fiberglass panels are typically 2-3 feet wide and can be in a variety of lengths from 8-16 feet while some heavy panels can be up to 38 feet long for barns and industrial buildings. Fiberglass roofing is a viable way to keep rain and snow out while letting some natural light in, reducing the amount of electricity needed.

One of the more common types of panels found is a corrugated fiberglass sheet often found in DIY hardware outlets. These let the rain funnel into the channels and drain to the end for those wishing to add a gutter on the end it’s easy to divert the water into a tank that recycles water for plants, pets and other uses around the home.

Many people discount these for a few reasons they can crack if a tree limb or other object falls hard on them and if they do the ability to shed water, even if repaired, is never quite the same. However they are also inexpensive and easily replaced, removing one sheet and inserting the other. When installing roof panels it’s best to use washers and drill, rather than drive, holes to keep it from splintering and breaking near the edges under stress. If you’re using it as a “poor man’s skylight” on a deck with a metal roof, for example, an easy extra security is tucking the edges of the fiberglass sheet UNDER the metal one, allowing for extra stability all the way down the sheet.

Many people find the cost and usefulness of a fiberglass roof attractive as well as the low maintenance, but simply don’t like the panels for a roof. You’re still in luck! Fiberglass shingles offer an alternative and, as a relative newcomer to the building world, offer alternatives in design and colors. They can offer fire resistance and are light weight with good wear against hail, snow and ice. Of course every building option can have drawbacks and these do too. Thermal splitting can be an issue and, as with the panels, nailing and placement instructions should be followed for maximum durability of the roof.

There are many advantages to a good fiberglass roof that make it an option worth checking out for your next project.


Five Ways to Spot a Roofing Problem

A roof is a commonly overlooked part of the home. How can a person spot a bad roofing problem before it is too late? Can many problems be fixed before it is time to re-roof the house? Here are five major signs that a roof problem may exist in ones home.

Sign #1

The roof is leaking when it is raining. This sign cannot be ignored for long and is easily found and repaired. Check the attic when it is raining and pin point the leak, patch it as soon as the rain stops save money by fixing it yourself.

Sign #2

roofing-do-it-your-ownBare spots in the shingles. This can be that a shingle is worn out and needs to be replaced or simply that the shingle in question is no longer there. This problem can be solved as well by replacing the bad shingles as they occur, this will save a bundle on roof replacement. Replacing shingles is easy to do and requires only the basic tools – a hammer and roofing nails.

Sign #3

The roofing shingles may be curling or pointing upward. If it is not the entire roof and only a few shingles, these too can be replaced one at a time. If not replaced, they can cause water damage by having the water come in up underneath the shingles. It is much easier to replace shingles as they go bad than to replace the wood underneath the roof.

Sign #4

Another common problem shingles may develop and a good early warning sign would be a downward curling of the shingles, this too can be a problem depending on the weather.

This problem can be tackled on a needed basis as well and took care of as it arises. In this tough economy, every cent saved is important.

Sign #5

Broken shingles can be detected from the ground in most cases. They may have chips or pieces broken out in corners or the middle of the shingle. This too can be a problem that is easily taken care of.


Roofing problems should never be overlooked. Finding these problems requires one to look up from time to time. Humans do have that ability but seldom use it, prevention is the key to saving money. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Before attempting to climb onto the roof think about safety and when in doubt call a professional roofing contractor.


Using Wall and Roofing Panels

Going Green! Those words seem to be everywhere today, in all areas of life. There is one area where going green is not only good for the environment but good in many ways for the consumer. And that is in home construction.

One relatively easy way to go green is to use prefabricated construction panels for walls and roofs in new residences. Panels are usually used only in exterior walls but can be used for interior wall construction as well.

wooden-wall-panelWall and roofing panels are known as Structured Insulated Panels or SIPs. The most common type is clad in plywood or OSB board on both sides around an insulated core. However, other materials can be used for cladding, including steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, and some composite materials.

There are significant advantages in building with SIPs. There are also cautions that those choosing SIP systems must observe.


Panelized systems are built in factories. This provides a consistent and carefully crafted
product that forms a strong, structural envelope. On site assembly is relatively easy with reduced construction times and reduced labor costs. The product offers sufficient strength to resist hurricanes, earthquakes, debris impact and even pest infestations.

The environmental benefits are also important. SIPs offer improved insulation that reduces energy costs. Home owners will enjoy better soundproofing reducing interior noise pollution.


Installation varies by type of panelized system as well as individual manufacturer. Learning time for onsite labor is not great. The systems are easy to put together, and the shell of a home can be constructed in a few days.

Panels are usually shipped directly to the jobsite by the manufacturer, and since they are built in a factory, they can be constructed at any time of the year. Panels are not subject to weather delays.


There are several characteristics of SIPs that builders must keep in mind. While SIPs save labor, they are more expensive to produce initially. There is little room for error. Panels for each home must be carefully designed and planned to ensure tight onsite fit. Foundations must ensure easy installation at the job site, and onsite design changes are difficult and costly.

Additionally, delivery must be planned to get the right set of panels to the jobsite at the right time or construction delays will occur.

Tradesmen must be well trained in the use of panels. If a plumber or electrician makes a wrong cut, that panel may be ruined causing cost overruns and delays. Trades people must be aware that the panel is filled with insulation.

Builders need to research local codes to make sure that the selected system meets all local requirements. With a variety of systems available, the builder should select the one that meets local conditions best while serving construction needs and customer satisfaction.

Designs must be carefully planned to eliminate changes after manufacturing has begun. Changes driven by onsite problems can be costly and should be avoided.


Structured Insulated Panels offer significant benefits to the builder and his customers. They are easy to assemble on the jobsite with reduced labor costs. They are structurally sound with high insulation properties. They also reduce interior noise levels.

Panel design must be clear and precise. Delivery schedules must be carefully planned and met. Local codes need to be observed, and the construction trades need training in the use of panels and the potential problems.

With careful planning and training, however, builders can provide strong, secure, cost-effective, timely and well-designed housing to customers through the use of Structured Insulated Panels.