A granny flat is often referred to as an in-law living space to house a visiting guest, a live-in nanny, a relative, or an aging parent. Homeowners in Perth build granny flats Perth either as a separate building from the main house, or a converted garage or in the basement.

Granny flats, Perth brings a lot of benefits which is not unsurprising. The added space can be used as storage for belongings or renting it out can bring extra income. However, a lot of things have to be considered before investing in a granny flat, to include:

Your finances

Your finances are the single and most important factor to consider when you’re planning to construct a granny flat in your property. You have to make sure whether your budget allows the construction and the exact purpose of building a granny flat. It has to be noted also that purchasing a property with a granny flat will also cost more than one that doesn’t have one.

Check the city zoning or HOA regulations

The various city zoning or homeowners’ association should be carefully checked if you plan to have a granny flat constructed in your property. Some HOA and city regulations may not allow any separate building to be constructed in the property. It won’t only cost more in money but also a waste of time when you have to tear it down.

Hiring a home builder

Hiring a home builder is the next step when the HOA or zoning regulations approve your plan of constructing a granny flat on your property. The smartest way is to get only a reputable home builder for a smoother building process. A licensed and experienced builder will not only build a granny flat based on your design but also help you with building permits and other paperwork.

Added utility expenses

Building a separate structure such as a granny flat also means added utility expenses. The additional utility costs range from heating and cooling, electricity, and water. You need to let go of building a granny flat if you’re not agreeable with the additional utility costs.

Maintenance expenses

Like the main home, maintenance is also a must for the granny flat. The additional household chores to maintain the granny flat in tip-top condition range from replacing light bulbs, vacuuming the floors, to clearing out the gutters. It’s best to forget about the granny flat project if you don’t have time to maintain it.

Additional insurance coverage

Some insurance companies are reluctant to cover a separate building on the property. Considered as an accessory dwelling unit, granny flats may not be allowed coverage by some insurance companies. An uninsured building on your property can become a big risk especially when you plan to rent it out.

The only way to provide insurance coverage for the granny flat is to pay extra to have it insured as the main house.

Granny flats have become increasingly popular in Perth and elsewhere in the world. The benefits this separate structure provides make life easier and convenient for homeowners that want their in-laws, a live-in maid, or guests live in proximity to the main house. Renting out a granny flat is a great ROI project for any homeowner.

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