Have you ever taken a look at your electricity bill and got shocked? Did you wonder how things were out of control despite being so very careful? An electricity bill can be a frustrating mystery. Huge amounts of it could actually ruin your finances.

The following are some tips from electrician to help you save electricity and control it in no time at all:

  • An AC that is placed directly under the sun can take 10% more units to operate than a unit which has been kept in the shade. Since the unit would get warm sitting directly under the sunlight it would therefore take longer to cool. Blocking the heat would also help lower the electricity bills.
  • You do not need to keep your air conditioner switched on all day long. Infant you can also switch on a fan which is far more cost effective than having the AC running 24/7. Once you feel that your room has cooled down at a suitable temperature you may want to switch on the fan to have the cold air distributed evenly in the room.
  • Clean the clothes dryer on a regular basis. In order to make sure that the dryer is running at maximum capacity you need to get rid of the lint which is trapped after every load of laundry. This can help slash the laundry bills by almost 30%.
  • Instead of using big bulbs to light up the rooms you should consider the small compact fluorescent light bulb. These require almost 70% less energy when compared to the regular light bulbs. These save you a lot of cash on your monthly bill. An added benefit of these are that these produce a lot less heat than the usual bulbs therefore when it comes to cooling your home or your room, it is going to get cool much faster.
  • Instead of having to use a number of power plugs it is best that you invest in a power strip. It’s a modern innovation but one which could save you a whole lot of money with a single flip of a switch. You can plug up to five electronic gadgets into the single strip and reduce the amount of power used by other plugs in your home.
  • Most of the time our devices are in a standby mode. They use energy even when we are not using them for example a DVD player which has been plugged into the switch can be using electricity for months but you may not be aware about it. It is best to completely switch off the appliances when not in use so they do not even consume a small amount of power.
  • Make sure that you change the temperature range of the refrigerator to about 35 to 38 degree Fahrenheit. Also make sure that the seal of the door closes properly. Get the refrigerator coils cleaned at least twice a year.
  • Last but not the least make sure that you hire the right electrician Canberra. A professional would process the energy needs of your home and then advise you on the kind of appliances which you should be using to make sure that the monthly bills are not exorbitant.

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