Any smart buyer knows that the more they know about the building or the property, the better chance they have of negotiating the price. A building and pest inspection report from an inspector in Gold Coast allows buyers a great deal of leverage when it comes to deciding the buying price.

Sometimes a report might just have minor imperfections, it can still be used to bring down the price of the property by a few thousand dollars. This way you can also get back the few hundred dollars which you might have spent on having the building inspection report carried out. Consider it more of a useful negotiation tool then an added expense.

Often enough buyers are relieved to have the inspection carried out. This is usually because what they anticipate as a great buy might turn out to be a major investment with added cost for them. The inspection can be useful especially if the property you are going to buy is more than a decade old.

Also these reports can actually be a blessing in disguise. Those buyers who have already planned on renovating the property once they buy it, would find it useful. For example if damage is found in certain part of the building, it could be knocked down and a new structure be erected in its place.

The above mentioned are a few ways in which the building and pest inspection report could be used to the buyer’s advantage. However, it is also important that you hire the right building and pest services in Gold Coast. Keep the following things in mind when hiring a building and pest inspector:

  • Most of the time sellers willingly show the building and pest inspection reports they have carried out on the property before making the sale. One might feel tempted to forego the complete process and save up on the cash which they would have to spend otherwise. However, it is advisable to get the report carried out on our own as well. This can save you a great deal of cash if there is any structural damage to the property which might not have been evident at the time of the previous report.
  • An independent inspection is made on unbiased principles. You can hope to get the full disclosure. Also add to is the complete peace of mind that you would have that you can be assured that the property is worth buying. Spending a few hundred dollars can bring better peace of mind.
  • When looking for a property inspector, make sure you conduct the necessary research. Find people on the internet or through word of mouth.
  • The building surveyor should have a license and should have all the necessary qualifications.
  • Also make sure that the building and pest inspections comply with the Australian standards. Once the report is issued it’s also a good idea to get back in touch with the inspector. They can explain the report to you in layman terms.

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